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Home » Pnevmolux Products » Pneumatic equipment » Pressure amplifiers » Pressure Amplifiers Series UM ..- 063

Pressure Amplifiers Series UM ..- 063

Pressure amplifiers (pneumatic boosters) of the UM ..- 063-RS 1/2 series manufactured by PNEVMOLUX maintain the outlet pressure even in the event of a drop in inlet pressure. The casing is made of anodized aluminum. It can be completed with a pressure regulator with a manometer. A pressure regulator is installed at the inlet and controls the supply pressure. The booster automatically increases pressure by 2, 3 or 4 times depending on the model. When selecting a pressure amplifier (pneumatic booster), it should be borne in mind that with increasing pressure, the air flow decreases (see the graph of amplification and flow).


UM XX -  063  - RC 1/ 2

  1               2           3

1Серия10 – стандартный
20 – с регулятором давления
2Внутренний диаметр, мм63
3RC усиление давления1.2 – в два раза
Присоеденительная резьба G 3/8″
Вес ,кг2,8
Рабочая средаПодготовленный воздух
Рабочее давление, барот 4 до 7 бар
Рабочая температура, °Сот –30 до +80

Schematic diagram of the pressure amplifier (pneumatic boosters):

Amplification and flow chart:

Outline sketch:

It is not recommended to use a booster instead of a compressor, as continuous operation can lead to accelerated wear of the pressure amplifier seals and its failure.

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