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Pressure amplifiers

Pressure Amplifiers (Pneumatic Boosters)

In industry, at various enterprises of other sectors of the national economy, compressors with a working pressure of 6-8 atmospheres are most common. For the vast majority of pneumatic equipment (valves, valves, cylinders), this pressure is standard. But sometimes solutions with higher pressures are required. For example, for crimping an oil radiator operating with a pressure in the hydraulic system of 5-6 atmospheres, a pressure exceeding the working pressure by 1.5 - 2 times is necessary.It is not advisable to use a hydraulic power station to check a new or repaired radiator, because if the radiator is not tight, oil with a test pressure of 8-10 atmospheres will be sprayed polluting the environment and may cause injury. In this case, the solution using air pressure testing is more environmentally friendly and safe. The option of using a special compressor for one type of work is also often impossible due to lack of space or any other reasons. Transferring the entire system to a higher pressure - leads to a rework of the entire network, starting from the pneumatic line and ending with the compressor and fittings. A simpler option is to install a pressure amplifier directly in the place where you need to create a higher pressure than in the network. The pressure amplifiers of compressed air allow you to increase the air pressure in the system, after yourself, 2, 3 or 4 times. Compact size and light weight, ease of connection allow you to place pneumatic boosters anywhere, it is possible to install the booster on the wall. An air pressure regulator installed at the inlet automatically adjusts the pressure at the outlet of the pneumatic booster. Pneumatic boosters are available in two trim levels - with and without pressure reducer.


All rubbing elements in the amplifiers are pre-lubricated with special grease. If you have a lubricator (oil nebulizer) in your network, you must constantly supply lubricant to the amplifier!

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