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PP series foot control valves (pneumatic pedals)

Pneumopedals are foot operated pneumatic valves.

Pneumolux delivers various options for pneumatic pedals differing in execution (with a protective casing, without a casing, with fixing and fixing in a casing) and a working scheme 5/2 (five linear two position), 4/2 (four linear two position), 3/2 ( three linear two position). Due to their low air consumption, they are most often used as control elements of pneumatically controlled valves.

Пневмораспределители с ножным управлением серии PP

Число линий555534
Число позиций2
Рабочее телоПодготовленный воздух
Рабочая температура0-60 °C
Рабочее давление0-0,8 МПа
Присоединение воздухаG1/4″
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