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Pneumatic throttles and silencers pneumatic

This section presents the related elements in motion control (Pneumatic throttles and silencers pneumatic).

Pneumatic throttle series DR - free installation with threaded connection using fittings, are used to control the speed of movement of the rod of the pneumatic cylinder by changing the bore of this element.

BESL series silencer air throttle - are installed in the exhaust ports of the air distributors. They allow you to adjust the speed of the pneumatic cylinder (at its output), while reducing exhaust noise.

The choke fitting of the NSE, SA, SL series ensures the fixation of pneumatic plastic tubes due to the collet clamp and allows you to adjust the speed of the pneumatic cylinder.

BSL silencers and BSLM silencers made on the basis of sintered bronze are a necessary element for eliminating or reducing the noise of compressed air during exhaust from the air distributor. They must always be installed on the exhaust ports of 3/2, 5/2 or 5/3-line / pos. (Periodically during operation, silencers must be degreased with white spirit and blow compressed air through them in the opposite direction.)

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