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Directional valves U71

Directional valves U71 “Pnevmolux”.

They are three-line twin with pneumatic locking, with one-way electro-pneumatic control, pneumatic return and manual duplication of the compressed air flow. Designed to change the flow of compressed air in the pneumatic drives of forging and other machines requiring large throughput in a short time. Air is supplied through fittings and a pneumatic tube. The directional valves of the U71 series are divided into three types characterized by a threaded connection and, accordingly, throughput.

U71-22a has a thread at the inlet 1/2 "at the outlet 3/4".

U71-24a has a thread at the inlet 1 "at the outlet 1 1/4".

U71-26a has a thread at the inlet 1 1/2 "at the outlet 2".

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