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Electromagnetic pneumatic distributors 5/3 of the A3 series.

Electromagnetic pneumatic distributors 5/3 A3 series.

They have connecting threads 1/4 and 3/8. Five-line three-position valves are usually used to control bilateral pneumatic cylinders with the possibility of stopping in the central position of the spool.

Технические характеристики:
Рабочее телоПодготовленный воздух
Рабочая температура, °С5-50
Быстродействие, сек0,05
Номинальный расходCV=1,4
Рабочее давление0,15-0,8 МПа
Макс. давление испытания1,2 МПа
Тип катушкиС2
Допустимое отклонение напряжения±10%
Мощность катушкиАС-5,5 VA; DC-4,8 W
Резьба в портах 3, 51/4″
This page presents one of the most common models of electro-pneumatic compressed air distributors, Series A3.

Due to the fact that the pace of automation of production is growing every day, the need to replace physical labor with the work of "ordinary" pneumatic mechanisms (pneumatic drives, pneumatic cylinders) is also growing. Not one pneumatic drive or the pneumatic cylinder will not be able to fully work if it is not controlled, and so, the pneumatic distributor controls the operation of the drive.

Pneumatic valves PNEVMOLUX are divided into three types:

  1. 2/2 - two linear (two openings for air, input and output), two-position (two switching positions).
  2. 3/2 - three linear (three openings for air, inlet, outlet and air discharge), two-position (two switching positions)
  3. 5/2 - five linear (five openings for air, inlet, two outlets and two air vents), two-position (two switching positions)
  4. 5/3 - five linear (five air holes, inlet, two outlets and two air vents), three-position (three switching positions)

Each type of electro-pneumatic distributor differs in the type of control:

  1. Electropneumatic - the spool of the distributor moves by means of an open air channel using an electromagnet.
  2. Pneumatic - the spool of the distributor moves with the help of the supplied compressed air into the channel allocated for this.
  3. Mechanical - the spool of the distributor is moved using the handle or the pedal.

The electro-pneumatic distributor presented on this page controlling the pneumatic drive allows the cylinder rod to be moved not only to its extreme positions, but also to stop the rod at any given location. Also, in an intermediate stop of the cylinder rod movement, our distributor can provide three states: 1 - the cylinder can be locked with compressed air and held in one place, 2 - the cylinder rod will be pressed with compressed air, 3 - the pneumatic cylinder rod is relieved of pressure and it can be moved.

The pneumatic distributor is controlled by separate channels for supplying compressed air. These channels have a threaded hole for installing fittings with a collet connector. One of the most important advantages of these pneumatic valves is its weight (500 grams) and its small dimensions, which makes it possible to place it both on the pneumatic cylinder body and on the equipment itself.

As for the installation of pneumatic valves of model A3, they have two openings on their body located on different planes, this allows you to mount the valve in any convenient place. If the pneumatic circuit of the equipment involves the installation of a large number of pneumatic valves, then we offer mounting plates. The licensed pneumatic plate allows you to place on your own from one to six electro-pneumatic valves of the A3 series. A huge plus of pneumatic plates is space saving, fewer quick couplings, money saving.

The durability of the distributor is usually determined by the state of the compressed air produced by the compressor (for compressed air, see our article “What is clean air”), therefore it is recommended to use filter driers and oil sprayers in the overhead line, you can choose this product in the section “Preparing compressed air” air ", but if all the same the cuffs installed on the spool of the pneumatic distributor are worn out, then we can always get a repair kit.

A repair kit implies a set of spool o-rings; this is usually the only part that has wear in these valves. Removing and installing the dispenser cuffs themselves does not require a huge skill and a highly skilled specialist. As a result, we get a full-fledged distributor for a low cost and extend its life for a long time.

All the presented models of electro-pneumatic valves are in stock, stocks of valves are constantly replenished and can be purchased without difficulty.

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