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The QEV quick exhaust valves are designed to discharge compressed air into the atmosphere via a “short path”.

During standard operation of pneumatic equipment, compressed air leaving the “actuator”, whether it be a pneumatic cylinder, returns through the entire pneumatic line circuit to the pneumatic distributor and then only enters the atmosphere. The pneumatic line itself can make up a large gap, resulting in loss of velocity of the outgoing air and, as a consequence, the speed of the pneumatic cylinder. Accordingly, installing this valve after the "actuator" we get a quick air outlet, get rid of speed losses. The likelihood of moisture formation during temperature differences in the pneumatic line is also reduced.

Кодировка клапанов быстрого выхлопа модели QEV


Расшифровка кодировки клапанов быстрого выхлопа

QEVМодель: Клапан быстрого выхлопа
02Исполнение габаритов корпуса и резьбовое подсоединение:
01 - G1/8"
02 - G1/4"
03 - G3/8"
04 - G1/2"
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