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Pneumatic valves

Our company has been manufacturing pneumatic industrial equipment for more than 15 years, during which it constantly modernizes its technical component. We regularly expand our assortment, thanks to this and our highly qualified engineers who are ready to design the pneumatic system you need, taking into account all the nuances, we have the opportunity to produce equipment that is ready to perform its functions. Having gained extensive experience in the production of this equipment, we offer the market pneumatic valves TM Pnevmolux, which meet all modern quality standards.

To fine-tune your pneumatic system for specific tasks, as well as to quickly and easily adjust it in the future, you cannot do without pneumatic valves. They make it possible not only to correctly build the working cycle of actuators, but also to significantly increase the wear resistance of the entire pneumatic line in production, as well as maximize the rational use of available capacities, without loss of performance and productivity.

Pneumatic valves allow you to block or open the flow of compressed air, water or other non-aggressive gases and liquids. The advantages of using pneumatic equipment in many areas of production are associated with the properties of gas (air), namely: low density, compressibility, availability, low cost, environmental friendliness, fire safety, explosion safety, chemical and radiation resistance. They are simple to use, and therefore have high reliability, speed and power density. Pneumatic equipment is designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures, with high aggressiveness and environmental pollution.Thanks to standard threads and connecting dimensions, the inclusion of these valves in the common line, as well as other pneumatic equipment, is carried out by fittings with a collet clamp and a pneumatic tube.

The pneumatic valves presented in this section are divided into:

  • Quick exhaust valves

It allows you to significantly increase the speed of the piston of the pneumatic cylinder. After the cylinder piston is triggered, at the moment of its return to the initial position, air is discharged directly through the quick exhaust valve before reaching the distributor. Differ in standard sizes.

  • Logic valves

The principle of operation is that a pneumatic signal appears at the output of the changeover valve (“OR” valve) if at least one of the inputs has a pneumatic signal. The logic element performs the role of processors in the pneumatic system. The use of a logic valve: for example, to extend the cylinder rod by pressing one or two buttons on the valve. They differ in the execution of the dimensions of the case.

  • Direct Check Valves

They serve to pass air in one direction and prevent transmission in the event of its movement in the opposite direction. Differ in connecting threads and throughput.

  • Shut-off valves

They are used to block the flow of air, as well as non-aggressive gases and liquids, at a specific section in the pipeline. Differ in connecting threads.

  • Solenoid Valves

2/2 valves are designed for both compressed air and water and other non-aggressive fluids. The action of the valves is based on the opening or closing of the valve orifice through the direct action of the magnetic field of the electromagnetic coil on the plunger. Valves are normally closed. When exposed to control voltage open the valve cross-section. They can be used as a pilot control for valves with pneumatic control.

ZS series valves are designed for both compressed air and water. The action of the valves is based on the opening or closing of the passage section of the valves, by direct action on the plunger of the magnetic field of the electromagnetic coil or by amplification due to the membrane and the flow of the working fluid. The valves are supplied with an electromagnetic coil for voltage 220 V, 12 V or 24 V. They differ in connecting threads and working pressure.

MCF pulse valves normally closed, direct acting with a diaphragm, voltage control with electromagnetic coils 24V or 220V. The flow of compressed air is opened when a control voltage is supplied to the valve coil. They are used as a rule in dust removal systems, filter cleaning in aspiration. Differ in connecting carvings and standard sizes.

  • Pneumatically operated valves

The shut-off valve is designed to work with air and non-aggressive liquids and gases. The air supplied to the control module requires filtration. Differ in connecting threads.

Our company provides a warranty period for all goods within six months from the date of purchase of this product.

Some models of this equipment can be periodically bought at a noticeable discount, stay tuned for news and a regularly updated list of products on the "Sale" page. There you will find special prices and the amount of stock in stock for specific items.

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