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Paint spray gun (Airbrush) - designed for indoor and outdoor painting and decorating using various types of paintwork materials (paints and varnishes).

A distinctive feature of the spray gun: the original nozzle design and low working pressure reduce paint fog by 25%, which improves the quality of the coating, saves paint and varnish consumption and reduces the environmental impact.

The nozzle and needle are made of stainless steel, which allows the use of water-based coatings. Well suited for applying as a primer, as well as the main and final coat of paintwork.

Технические параметры покрасочного пистолета PP-02

Рабочее давление (Атм)3,0 - 4,043,5 - 58 PSI
Потребление воздуха (л/мин)170 - 311,56.0 - 11 CFM
Бачок для краскиАлюминий/пластик, 600мл
Тип каналаGRAVITY
Размер дозы1,4 мм; 1,7 мм; 2,0 мм.
Цвет рукояткиСиний
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