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Replaceable sole for the POS grinder

The replaceable sole for the POS model pneumatic orbital sander is used to reliably hold the grinding wheel with Velcro during operation. It is selected for the model in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. It differs in diameter and the number of holes for dust removal. Replaceable outsole is characterized by hardness of the material. The softer the sole, the better it adheres to the work surface. Harder ones are used for rough grinding of flat surfaces. A medium hard disk is suitable for grinding even and convex surfaces. Soft soles are used for polishing and machining flat and convex surfaces.

The interchangeable sole for the POS model pneumatic orbital sander (PNEVMOLUX trademark) has medium hardness, which allows it to be used in various types of processing (from grinding to polishing). Spacers of various hardness can also be used.

Fastening snap with Velcro.

Копия Орбитальные шлифовальные машинки производства Pnevmolux

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