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Orbital sander of the POS series.

PNEVMOLUX grinding wheels are supplied to our grinding machine, but grinding wheels of all the main manufacturers of abrasives are also suitable: 3M, Mirka, Hermes. Additionally, PNEVMOLUX interchangeable soles can be purchased for the POS orbital machine. Pneumatic orbital (eccentric) grinding machine is designed for finishing surfaces of various products from materials such as wood, plastic, metal. Fastening the snap with Velcro allows you to quickly change during processing. The PNOSMOLUX orbital sander POS model basically has a compressed air powered air motor. This principle of operation is the most environmentally friendly, as well as explosion and fire safe.The sole of the Pneumatic orbital machine has a standard fit for grinding discs (diameters and number of holes for dust removal), respectively, if you have a familiar supplier of grinding materials, then they will freely become on this machine.To remove particles from the processing zone, the PNEVMOLUX grinder is equipped with a device for removing particles from the processing zone. Depending on the model, a different dust extraction system is used. The POS-N model does not have a dust extraction system. The POS-C model has a natural dust extraction with a wide outlet giving maximum dust removal even at low suction power. It is completed with a bag for collecting dust and a combined hose. The POS-G model has a built-in vacuum ejector that allows more efficient removal of dust from the treatment area. It is completed with a bag for collecting dust and a combined hose. It is recommended to use this model for surface finishing and polishing.


Технические характеристики шлифмашинки POS

Обороты инструмента (об/мин)12000
Расход воздуха (л/мин)453
Рабочее давление (МПа)0,63
Ход эксцентрика (мм)5

Орбитальные шлифовальные машинки производства Pnevmolux

МодельРазмер диска (мм)Уровень шума (dba)Вес (кг)Стоимость (руб.)Примечание
POS-N-3075810,787480Алюминиевый корпус
POS-N-3588810,787480Алюминиевый корпус
POS-N-50125810,817480Алюминиевый корпус
POS-N-60150810,857480Алюминиевый корпус
POS-C-3075810,826850Порт для пылеотсоса
POS-C-3588810,826850Порт для пылеотсоса
POS-C-50125810,876850Порт для пылеотсоса
POS-C-60150810,916850Порт для пылеотсоса
POS-G-3075880,848600Встроенный вакуумный эжектор
POS-G-3588880,848600Встроенный вакуумный эжектор
POS-G-50125880,898600Встроенный вакуумный эжектор
POS-G-60150880,948600Встроенный вакуумный эжектор
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