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Rodless pneumatic cylinders

Rodless pneumatic cylinders.

Designed to carry out the movement of cargo without increasing the dimensions of the workspace, i.e. the rodless drive has a length of only slightly more than its own stroke, while a conventional rod pneumatic cylinder with an extended stem requires more than 2 times more space than its own stroke.

The cylinders of the RDF series are presented in four sizes differing in piston diameter: 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm.

The design feature of the RDF drive is the lack of rigid mounting of the carriage with the piston of the cylinder. The carriage moves behind the piston under the influence of magnetic force.

Кодировка пневмоцилиндров RDF

Серия бесштокового пневмоцилиндраДиаметр поршня xХод каретки:
16 ммxот 50 мм до 1000 мм
20 ммxот 50 мм до 2000 мм
25 ммxот 50 мм до 2000 мм
32 ммxот 50 мм до 2000 мм

Максимальное усилие цилиндров RDF

МодельМаксимальная нагрузка
RDF 162,8 кг
RDF 204,7 кг
RDF 256,8 кг
RDF 329,7 кг
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