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Reed Sensors CGP-30

Reed switch and (position sensor) CGP-30 with normally open contacts, "dry" version in a sealed plastic case.

Reed switch - an electromechanical device, which is a pair of ferromagnetic contacts sealed in a sealed glass flask. When you bring a permanent magnet to the reed switch or turn on an electromagnet, the contacts close.

Operating voltage DC / AC 5-240 V.

Maximum switching power 10 W.

Speed ​​0.5-1 ms.

Operating temperature range from -40 to 50 ° C.

Reed sensors are used to signal the position of the cylinder rod. Using a sensor allows you to automate the operation of actuators. The durability of the sensor is due to the lack of friction between the parts. Small size, ease of attachment, easy connection to the system allow the sensor to be used in a wide range of actuators.

With this product use:

PAB mount,
PAC mount,
Pneumatic cylinders with installation grooves of the CF and EF series.

They can be used to supply an analog signal to the control components of the system.

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