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BS quick coupler

Quick coupler BS Pnevmolux.

They are used for convenient multiple connection and disconnection of pneumotubes, even without tools. Can be used with water.


  • Working environment - air, water;
  • Working pressure - 0-10 bar;
  • Material - nickel-plated (galvanized) steel, NBR seals;
  • Nominal flow rate - 2200 nl / min at a pressure of 6 bar;
  • Operating temperature - 0 ... + 80 ° C (with dry air from -20 °).
BS-0860Накидная гайка с пружиной на трубку 8х6 (допускается 8х5)
BS-1080Накидная гайка с пружиной на трубку 10х8 (допускается 10х7)
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