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PKB Manifold Fitting

Manifold fitting (fitting splitter) of the "RKV" model Pnevmolux.

Designed to divide the pneumatic line into four independent channels. Connecting the pneumatic tube with a collet clamp simplifies the installation of the pneumatic line.

МодельD, диаметр пневмотрубкиGРазмер под ключ
PKB 4-M54М5
PKB 4-0141/8'12
PKB 4-0241/417
PKB 6-M56M5
PKB 6-0161/812
PKB 6-0261/417
PKB 6-0363/821
PKB 6-0461/224
PKB 8-0181/812
PKB 8-0281/417
PKB 8-0383/821
PKB 8-0481/224
PKB 10-01101/812
PKB 10-02101/417
PKB 10-03103/821
PKB 10-04101/224
PKB 12-02121/417
PKB 12-03123/821
PKB 12-04121/224
PKB 14-03143/821
PKB 14-04141/224
PKB 16-03163/821
PKB 16-04161/224
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