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Pneumatic pressure regulator (reducer) MR

Pneumatic pressure regulator MR.

Designed to adjust the pressure in the pneumatic line. The principle of operation of the pressure regulator is to compensate for the force developed by the sensitive element (membrane) when the pressure of the compressed air supplied to them changes due to the change in pressure at the outlet of the regulator. The MR gearbox is a more simplified and lightweight version of the BR series gearboxes, which makes it easy to put it in line. The gearbox does not require any mounting structures, the pressure regulator itself is fixed with a button, very low weight. The peculiarity of the pneumatic MR regulator is that it is built into the trunk and is a passage.This type of regulators (gearboxes) is used in front of the actuator (pneumatic cylinder).

Air connection is carried out by means of fittings and pneumotubes.

Технические характеристики
Рабочая температура, °С0–60
Регулируемый диапазон давления, МПа0,3-0,9
Максимальное рабочее давление, МПа1.5
Масса, кг0,08
Давление разрушения, МПа3,75
Подсоединение воздуха1/4
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