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Pressure regulators (reducers) of the AR, BR, JAR series

Pressure regulators of the AR, BR, JAR series.

Designed to adjust the pressure in the pneumatic line in the range of 0.05-0.85 MPa. Direct action. They can be used both independently and as part of an air preparation unit. Pressure gauge and bracket included. Application example: to adjust the pressure force of the pneumatic cylinder in the press.

Designation: AR / BR / JAR XXXX-XX

                               1        2       3

Air connection is carried out by means of fittings and pneumotubes.

1СерияAR, BR, JAR
2Пропускная способность2000 – 2000 л/мин (присоединение 1/4″),
3000 – 3000 л/мин (присоединение 3/8″),
4000 – 4000 л/мин (присоединение 1/2″ или 3/4″),
5000 – 5000 л/мин (присоединение 3/4″)
3Присоединение06 – 3/4″
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