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Oil sprayers (Lubricators) of the AL, BL, JAL series

Oil sprayers (lubricators) are designed to add oil to the air.

They can be used both independently and as part of an air preparation unit. Under standard conditions, the pneumatic system does not need additional oil spraying, and accordingly, the installation of oil sprayers. In pneumatic equipment (pneumatic valves, cylinders, valves), during production, a special lubricant is laid for the entire service life of the product. The use of additional oil spraying is necessary in pneumatic networks with a high operating frequency (more than 40 cycles per minute), or when using a pneumatic tool (pneumatic drills, grinders, wrenches).For pneumatic systems, we recommend using ISO VG32 standard oil with a viscosity of 32 mm2 / s and a density of 870 kg / m3. Designation:


         1              2        3

Air connection is carried out by means of fittings and pneumotubes.

1СерияAL, BL, JAL
2Пропускная способность1500 – 1500 л/мин (присоединение 1/8″),
2000 – 2000 л/мин (присоединение 1/4″),
3000 – 3000 л/мин (присоединение 3/8″),
4000 – 4000 л/мин (присоединение 1/2″ или 3/4″)
3Присоединение06 – 3/4″
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