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Filter regulators of the AFR, BFR, JAW series

Filter regulators combine gear and filter in one housing.

Used to control pressure and filter compressed air. Delivered complete with pressure gauge. Air connection is carried out by means of fittings and pneumotubes. Designation: AFR / BFR / JAW XXXX-XX 1 2 3

2Пропускная способность1500 – 1500 л/мин (присоединение 1/8″),
2000 – 2000 л/мин (присоединение 1/4″),
3000 – 3000 л/мин (присоединение 3/8″),
4000 – 4000 л/мин (присоединение 1/2″ или 3/4″)
3Присоединение06 – "3/4″ 10 - "1"
Pneumatic automation equipment is in great demand at manufacturing enterprises, but for its perfect functioning, in addition to selecting the actuators themselves, it is necessary to take into account several requirements regarding the proper use of compressed air. Air conditioning systems are responsible for the implementation and maintenance of these requirements. Our company, for more than 20 years of production and work with such equipment, has identified many factors and rules in their work, which TM Pnevmolux has combined in its products.


Air preparation is designed to give compressed air certain characteristics:

  • Air purity. Cleaning is carried out to eliminate solid particles, moisture and oil from the pneumatic system that get there from the air intake or from wear of the main itself, and as a result of a multiple increase in the life of the pneumatic equipment. This task is performed by pneumatic filters, ideally they should be installed between each link of the pneumatic system, but without fail - after air intake, before entering the compressor.
  • Setting the required pressure in the system. It is also a very important factor for the proper functioning of pneumatically controlled mechanisms.

Pressure regulators set the necessary flow rate of air in the system, thereby reducing its excess flow rate or vice versa, increasing it, and if necessary, add force to the actuator.

  • Further lubrication of actuators. In most cases, pneumatic drives use factory lubrication, and in this case, spraying the oil in the system with a lubricator does not give a positive effect, since the sprayed oil gradually flushes the factory oil. But one way or another, over time, the factory grease still exhausts its resource, and in such a situation, the installation of an oil spray is simply necessary to avoid the rapid failure of your equipment. Pay attention to the manufacturer's recommendations for the selection of oil in specific pneumatic systems and mechanisms, according to the parameters of its standard, density and viscosity!


In general, it can be said with confidence that proper air preparation can significantly increase the wear resistance of the entire pneumatic line in production, as well as maximize the rational use of available capacity, without loss of performance and productivity.


Typically, air preparation units include:

Desiccant filter - designed to filter compressed air and drain condensate.

Air pressure regulator, reducer - used to adjust the pressure of compressed air after itself.

Lubricator, oil sprayer - adds oil mist to the pneumatic system for further lubrication of actuating elements such as pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic distributors.

The filter regulator is used if grease is used in the pneumatic system by default and there is no need to install an oil spray.


All these elements have in their kit everything necessary for fastening to a wall or other surface and can be assembled as one single unit, or they can be mounted separately in different places of your pneumatic line. Some models of the elements of these blocks have a protective metal casing, which ensures the safety of glass flasks of the executive modules and at the same time does not impede access to them, if necessary. Pay attention to this configuration in case the air preparation units or their elements are located in close proximity to the control or actuating mechanisms of the pneumatic system. Also, all of our air pressure regulators are equipped with pressure gauges and do not require retrofitting.


The components of the air preparation elements are easy to handle and maintain, special professional skills are not required for their prevention, the filter elements installed in the blocks are made of sintered bronze, so that the disassembly and cleaning of the glasses takes no more than 5-10 minutes and are put in place.

You can learn more about the proper operation, purpose and features of using air treatment systems from our article.

We constantly support a wide range of preparation units with different throughputs (from 1,500 to 5,000 liters per minute) and degree of purification (from 5 to 40 microns). All elements have standard threaded connections (from 1/8 inch to 2 inches) and are connected, as a rule, with fittings with a collet clamp and a pneumatic tube, which you can also always find in our product range.

At the moment, you can purchase some models of this equipment with a significant discount, stay tuned for news and a regularly updated list of promotional items on the "Sale" page. There you will find special prices and the amount of stock in stock for specific items.

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