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Air preparation unit FRL

The air conditioning units of the FRL series have a large flow rate of 4000-5000 l / min. The composition of the block includes: Filter-dehumidifier with filtering particles up to 25 microns, with semi-automatic removal of moisture. Pressure regulator with pressure gauge. Oil atomizer (lubricator) with adjustable parameter for oil supply to the system. The glasses of the filter and the nebulizer are protected by a strong metal casing. Air connection is carried out by means of fittings and pneumotubes.
FRL 4000-06FRL 5000-10
Расход л/мин40005000
Подсоединение воздуха, дюйм3/41
Рабочая температура, °С5-605-60
Размер фильтруемых частиц, мкм2525
Регулируемый диапазон давления, МПа0,05–0,850,05–0,85
Максимальное рабочее давление, МПа11
Давление разрушения, МПа1,51,5
Вязкость маслаISO VG 32ISO VG 32
Пропускная способность, л/мин40005000

This air preparation unit is usually purchased with:

Collet fittings;

Air tube;

Pneumatic valves.

Pneumatic automation equipment is in great demand at manufacturing enterprises, but for its perfect functioning, in addition to selecting the actuators themselves, it is necessary to take into account several requirements regarding the proper use of compressed air. The air preparation unit is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of these requirements. Our company, for more than 20 years of production and work with such equipment, has identified many factors and rules in their work, which TM Pnevmolux has combined in its products.
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