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Air preparation units MFRL, FRL

These air preparation units differ in execution and are divided into:

classic (consisting of 3 elements: filter-moisture separator, pressure regulator with pressure gauge and lubricator); compact (consisting of 2 elements: filter regulator and lubricator); mini-series of blocks without metal protection on the filter and oil spray cans. Also, the elements of the air preparation differ in throughput and connecting thread. Air connection is carried out by means of fittings and pneumotubes. Below is a decoding of the marking of our air treatment units: MFRL / FRL XXXX - XX 1 2 3

2Пропускная способность2000 – 2000 л/мин (присоединение 1/4″),
3000 – 3000 л/мин (присоединение 3/8″),
4000 – 4000 л/мин (присоединение 1/2″ или 3/4″),
5000 – 5000 л/мин (присоединение 3/4″ или 1")
3Присоединение06 – 3/4″
10 - 1"

Air preparation units are designed to give compressed air certain characteristics: Air purity. Cleaning is carried out to eliminate solid particles, moisture and oil from the pneumatic system that get there from the air intake or from wear of the main itself, and as a result of a multiple increase in the life of the pneumatic equipment. This task is performed by pneumatic filters. Setting the required pressure in the system. It is also a very important factor for the proper functioning of pneumatically controlled mechanisms.

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