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Pneumatic equipment (Pneumatic equipment)

ATTENTION: Fulfillment of orders for pneumatic cylinders is 5-7 working days!

In this section you can familiarize yourself with the pneumatic components that our company manufactures and supplies.

Pneumatic equipment Pnevmolux

It is applied in the most various industries. such as the manufacture of furniture products, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, the chemical and oil industries, and also, due to its environmental friendliness, in the food sector.

The main advantages of using pneumatic equipment in many areas of production are related to the properties of gas (air), namely: low density, compressibility, availability, low cost, environmental friendliness, fire and explosion safety, chemical and radiation resistance. They are easy to install and install, therefore they have high reliability, speed and power density. Pneumatic equipment is designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures, with high aggressiveness and pollution, withstands strong shock and vibration loads.

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