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Vibro support floor SAG

Vibro support floor SAG.

During operation, any industrial equipment creates noise and vibration. For damping spurious vibrations and noise reduction, vibration mounts for various purposes are used.
SAG floor mount is used for rigid mounting of equipment to the surface. This type of mounting prevents arbitrary displacement of the machine, compressor and other equipment under the influence of vibration. It can be used to fix the PNEVMOLUX air compressor to the floor.
Active and passive vibration and noise isolation.
Damping of shock loads.
High tensile strength.
Preservation of characteristics under pressure, tension and shear.
Floor-mounted installation.
The load range is 46-1100 kg.
Natural frequency of oscillations (stat.) 10Hz-25Hz.
The elastomeric part of CR rubber (chloroprene) with high elasticity and oil resistance and
ozone galvanized steel part St23
It is used for active and passive vibration and noise isolation of gasoline and diesel engines, generators, compressors, machine tools, as well as other mobile or stationary equipment

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