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Home » Pnevmolux Products » Machine tooling » Structural profile » Machine profile SP

Machine profile SP

The machine tool profile SP is a modern, lightweight and at the same time durable material,
widely used in all sectors of our industry, from production to confectionery and furniture
Due to its shape, it can be used to assemble complex engineering structures for various purposes, such as: frames for machine tools or conveyor systems, stands, machine beds, etc.
The machine profile is easily amenable to any machining.
Pneumolux offers you the following types and dimensions of the machine profile of the SP series.

Along with the profile, various components are purchased.

To assemble these profiles, there are the following types of mounting hardware "Machine Profile Mounts".
The profile can be cut according to your drawings. The aluminum profile SP 20x20 is used for structures with medium loads. It is used for the manufacture of exhibition stands, light doors and partitions, safety fences, small laboratory devices and other structures.
Aluminum profile SP 45x45 y with a t-groove, used for the manufacture of load-bearing structures with medium loads. It is widely used in the production of production lines, conveyors, assembly lines and sections.
Aluminum profile SP 50x50, SP 90x90, SP100x100 is used for the manufacture of structures bearing high loads, such as work tables, transport trolleys, frames for equipment and more.

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