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Hydraulic stations (Hydrostations)

The principle of operation of a hydraulic station (oil station):

In a pump installation, electrical energy is converted into pressure energy of the working fluid. The movable parts of the pump are rotationally driven by an electric motor, as a result of which the volume of the working chamber changes, the liquid is displaced from the suction cavity into the discharge cavity, which is connected to the pressure line. After the pump, indicator devices, for example, a manometer, are installed. The safety valve provides a constant pressure of a certain value after the pump, to protect it from overload and failure. The directional control valve is used to switch fluid flows and refers to the controls. Accumulators are installed for energy storage. Filtration of the working fluid is carried out using a suction filter, inlet filter. According to the application of the station, it can be distinguished into industrial and mobile hydrostations, hydrostations for mobile equipment.

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