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Gear PGP is used to obtain pressures up to 30 MPa. The use of gear pumps is widespread in industrial hydraulics (hydroelectric power stations), in road construction equipment (the hydraulic drive of bulldozers based on the T-100, T-130 and T-180 tractors has a power gear pump), etc.

The displacement of gear pumps of the PGP series is from 3 to 30 cm3 / rev.

The PGP series gear pumps are Group 2 pumps, with standard ISO connection flange design.

PGP hydraulic pumps are clockwise (clockwise).

Технические характеристики шестеренных гидронасосов PGP

Рабочий объем (см3/rev)36101416222830
Номинальное давление (МПа)2727272525221816
Максимальное давление (МПа)3030302828252018
Скорость вращения мин.(об/мин)800500500500500400400400
Скорость вращения макс.(об/мин)40004000400040003600300025002500
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