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Hydraulic cylinders (hydraulic cylinders)

ATTENTION: Fulfillment of orders for hydraulic cylinders is 7-14 working days!

Moving, hydraulic cylinders

Our company is a manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders of the brand "PNEVMOLUX".
Hydraulic cylinders are designed to create reciprocating motion (linear movement) in industrial equipment, mechanisms and machines, in road construction, earthmoving, hoisting-and-transport machines. Hydraulic cylinders are used in all industries, aviation, astronautics, etc.
There are single and double acting hydraulic cylinders with one or two rods. The hydraulic cylinder is driven by hydraulic oil supplied from the oil station. A single-acting hydraulic cylinder moves in one direction (working stroke) under the action of a working fluid and returns to its original state under the action of gravity or a return spring. Such cylinders have only one working cavity. Double-acting hydraulic cylinders move in both directions under the action of a working fluid. The main parameters for the selection of hydraulic cylinders is the force on the rod and the stroke of the hydraulic cylinder. The piston diameter depends on the required force, and the stroke of the hydraulic cylinder determines the overall dimensions.
The scope of hydraulic cylinders is very extensive and diverse due to various types of installation and mounting of cylinders. Various types of mounting allow you to install cylinders with the ability to move immediately in three planes, or vice versa, the flange provides a rigid and reliable mounting of the hydraulic cylinder. Below are various types of mounts for the GNS Series hydraulic cylinders.
You can buy a hydraulic cylinder for both cash and bank transfer.
You can receive the price, terms of production and other additional information from our managers.

Together with this hydraulic cylinder, various fastening elements are acquired.

The accessories section of the fastener elements is represented by the following positions:
Double YP Tip

Fixing element for hydraulic cylinder on GNS couplers. It is mounted on the hydraulic cylinder rod and is capable of absorbing radial loads. By design, it is compatible with an earring - an eye to ensure reliable attachment of the cylinder rod to the reciprocal part of the mechanism. Supplied complete with finger and lock. Material: steel.

Articulated tip PHS

It is mounted on the hydraulic cylinder rod, thanks to the integrated hinge it is able to absorb radial, axial, as well as combined loads. It has the property of self-centering and allows for movement at once in three planes. Equipped with a nipple for periodic maintenance of the hinge. Material: steel.

Eye of CA

Fastening element for the hydraulic cylinder on couplers. A serviced spherical bearing is installed in the eye. Provides movement of the hydraulic cylinder in the plane. It is mounted on the body of the hydraulic cylinder; it allows receiving radial, axial and combined loads. Material: steel.

FA flange

The GNS hydraulic cylinder mounts using the FA flange ensure a stable and reliable installation on the machine, mechanism or machine. Rigid fastening of the hydraulic cylinder is often used in hydraulic presses, pressure tables, where it is necessary to eliminate the axial displacement of the hydraulic cylinder. Material: steel.

GNS Repair Kit

Repair kits are designed to replace the hydraulic cylinder seals on the GNS couplers. The kit includes all the necessary seals for repair.

A set of seals, support rings and wipers for replacing worn hydraulic cylinder repairs. Stem seals will eliminate leakage from the cylinder to the environment, while piston seals will prevent fluid from flowing through the cylinder head. Replacing worn seals increases the force exerted by the cylinder.

Support-guide rings are guides for the piston and rod inside the hydraulic cylinder, absorbing transverse loads and preventing metal-to-metal contact. Wiper cuffs remove dirt, debris, dust or moisture from the piston rods, preventing contamination.

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