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Monoblock distributor with manual control ZD45-5

The ZD45-5 hand-operated monoblock distributor is made in a molded case.

Convenient control levers, an integrated adjustable safety valve and a check valve distinguish the ZD series distributor from similar valves of other manufacturers.

Unlike sectional valves, it has a number of advantages, such as:

lack of leaks between sections;
increased rigidity;
immunity to vibration;
compact design;
greater working pressure.

This page contains a 5-section directional control valve from the ZD45 series.

Характеристики ZD45-5S1TV300L1-PL-PAB3/8-T1/2

СерияПрисоединительная резьбаРезьба на сливКоличество секцийРабочее давление
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