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Hydraulic distributors section ZS series

The hydraulic distributors sectional ZS series are designed to control actuators, such as hydraulic cylinders for raising and lowering, outriggers, turning the platform and others.

It can be made in the layout of up to 8 sections. Equipped with safety valve. Unloading in the neutral position of the spools.

Технические характеристики ZS

Параметр \ МодельZS-L10ZS-L15ZS-L20ZS-L25
Рабочее давление (МПа)20202020
Расход жидкости (л/мин)4063100160
Количество управляемых элементов 1-61-81-81-8
Присоединительная резьбаM18x1,5M22x1,5M27x2M33x2
Вес (кг)77,81017

Outline sketch:

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