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Manually Operated WMM Hydroallocators

WMM series manual control valves are designed to control the flow of working fluid in two or more external hydraulic lines, depending on the external manual (muscular) control action.

Manual directional control valves of the WMM series are spool type valves. This type of valve is most common in hydraulic equipment due to its high reliability and compactness. Compared to crane valves, they operate at higher (up to 350 bar) pressures.
The principle of operation of the distributor is quite simple, in the absence of controlling muscular action, the spool inside the valve under the action of the return spring is on average or in the initial position, depending on the distribution scheme of the fluid flows. Applying force to the lever of the distributor, the pusher shifts the spool to the working position. This changes the direction of fluid movement in the hydraulic system.

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