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Hydroallocators electromagnetic WE series

To control the flow of the working fluid in the hydraulic system, electromagnetic spool valves are most often used, where the spool serves as a shut-off and control element. With the development of production automation and technological progress, electromagnetic distributors have replaced manual ones. In electromagnetic directional valves, electromagnetic coils of the required control voltage are used to move the spool. A large number of fluid flow distribution schemes are used for various hydraulic aggregates and mechanisms, in connection with which various hydraulic control valves have been developed - with a closed center, with an open center, two-position, three-position, etc.

For ease of selection of analogues of hydraulic distributors (Bosh Rexroth, Parker, Duplomatic, ATOS, KLADIVAR, Aron, HYDRO APPARATUS (Ulyanovsk), Vickers.) You can use our table. Also, qualified managers will always pick up an analog of the directional valve when you contact.

PNEVMOLUX LLC is a manufacturer of electromagnetic directional control valves under the PNEVMOLUX trademark. The range of hydraulic distributors we produce is used in almost any hydraulic unit, machine, or mechanism.
It is used to control hydraulic cylinders and other elements of the hydraulic system.

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