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Hydroallocators (Hydraulic Distributors)

Our company more than 15 years is engaged in production of the hydraulic industrial equipment during which constantly upgrades its technical component. We regularly expand the range, thanks to it and our highly skilled engineers ready to design the hydraulic system necessary for You, taking into account all nuances, we have an opportunity to make the equipment ready to performance of the functions.

To control the flow of hydraulic fluid used valves of various types:

  • Solenoid valves of spool type
    They are used most often, these are distributors, where the spool serves as a shut-off and regulating element. With the development of production automation and technological progress, electromagnetic distributors have replaced manual ones. In electromagnetic control valves, electromagnetic coils of the required control voltage are used to move the spool. For various hydraulic units and mechanisms, a large number of fluid flow distribution schemes are used, in connection with which various hydraulic distributors have been developed - with a closed center, with an open center, two-position, three-position, etc.

The operation of valves with electromagnetic control is based on the property of electromagnetic coils, pull the core, when applying voltage. In the absence of a control action, the spool inside the distributor under the action of the return spring is in the leftmost position. When applying voltage to the coil through the plug connector, the armature (core) is drawn into the coil and through the pusher pressed into it displaces the spool to the extreme position. This changes the direction of fluid flow in the hydraulic system.

  • Modular valves with manual control
    Designed to control the flow of working fluid in two or more external hydrolines, depending on the external manual (muscular) control action. Belong to the type of spool distributors. This type of distributor is most common in hydraulic equipment due to its high reliability and compactness. In comparison with crane distributors operate at higher (up to 350 bar) pressures.
    The principle of operation of the distributor is quite simple, in the absence of control muscular action the spool inside the distributor under the action of the return spring is in the middle or in the starting position depending on the distribution scheme of liquid flows. Applying a force to the distributor lever, the pusher displaces the spool into the working position. This changes the direction of fluid flow in the hydraulic system. The modular design of the valve allows it to be installed on the hydraulic plate WE with several components (ZDR pressure reducing valves, FT-MRV safety valves, z2s hydraulic locks, etc.). The ability to combine the distributor with other elements allows to produce control panels for various types of industrial equipment, hydraulic systems of motor vehicles and mechanisms.
  • ​Sectional directional control valves with manual control
    They are used in hydraulic systems of lifting equipment, for control of hydraulic manipulators, in industrial hydraulics. Sectional distributors are convenient in operation. In case of breakage, you can replace only the faulty section or repair it. It is also possible to line up distributors sections for various purposes.

There are distributors with parallel, parallel-serial connection of spool. By means of sectional distributors it is possible to control rise and lowering of hydraulic cylinders, speed of movement of working bodies of load-lifting mechanisms, the industrial equipment and many other things. They can be manufactured in up to 8 sections. Equipped with a safety valve. Unloading in the neutral position of the spool. In contrast to the monoblock hydraulic valves, non-return valve made in each section separately.

  • Monoblock directional control valves with manual control
    They can have from 1 to 5 sections of control elements and flow rate from 25 l / min to 160 l / min. they are Equipped with a safety valve. Made in the molded case, the kit includes a handy control lever. Monoblock hydraulic valves of the ZD series are usually used in agricultural machinery, tractors and road machines with a hydraulic capacity of 80 l/min. In contrast to sectional distributors has a number of advantages, such as-no leakage between the sections, increased rigidity, immunity to vibration, compact design, greater working pressure.
  • MF series electromagnetic coils​
    Used to control the spool of the electromagnetic hydraulic distributor. Often the coil is called a solenoid. There are one or two coils on the control valves depending on the flow distribution scheme. In the one-coil version, the spool is returned by a spring, in the two - coil version, each one moves the spool to one of the positions. Also, the coils differ in control voltage (DC or AC) and overall dimensions.

You can buy a hydraulic cylinder both for cash and non-cash payment.
You can get the price, terms of production and other additional information from our managers.

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