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Hydraulic equipment

Hydraulic equipment Pnevmolux.

Our company has been manufacturing hydraulic industrial equipment for more than 15 years, during which it constantly upgrades its technical component. We regularly expand our assortment, thanks to this and our highly qualified engineers who are ready to design the hydraulic system you need, taking into account all the nuances, we are able to produce equipment that is ready to perform its functions.

Such equipment as hydraulic stations and hydraulic cylinders, equipped with the necessary valves and distributors, is capable of delivering more effort and power with small sizes of actuators, which greatly simplifies the layout and placement of the hydraulic system at the enterprise. Also of the advantages, it is worth noting the high response speed (acceleration and braking).

The following items are presented in this section:

  • Moving, hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are designed to create reciprocating motion (linear movement) in industrial equipment, mechanisms and machines, in road construction, earthmoving, hoisting and transport machines. Hydraulic cylinders are used in all industries, aviation, astronautics, etc.

There are single and double acting hydraulic cylinders with one or two rods. The hydraulic cylinder is driven by hydraulic oil supplied from the oil station. A single-acting hydraulic cylinder moves in one direction (working stroke) under the action of a working fluid and returns to its original state under the action of gravity or a return spring. Such cylinders have only one working cavity. Double-acting hydraulic cylinders move in both directions under the action of a working fluid. The main parameters for the selection of hydraulic cylinders is the force on the rod and the stroke of the hydraulic cylinder.The piston diameter depends on the required force, and the stroke of the hydraulic cylinder determines the overall dimensions.

The scope of hydraulic cylinders is very extensive and diverse due to various types of installation and mounting of cylinders. Various types of mounting allow you to install cylinders with the ability to move immediately in three planes, or vice versa, the flange provides a rigid and reliable mounting of the hydraulic cylinder. Below are various types of mounts for the GNS Series hydraulic cylinders

You can buy a hydraulic cylinder for both cash and bank transfer. You can receive the price, terms of production and other additional information from our managers.

Together with this hydraulic cylinder, various fastening elements are acquired.

  • Directional control valves

Various types of hydraulic distributors are used to control the flow of hydraulic fluid supplied by hydraulic stations (oil stations). Electromagnetic hydraulic control valves WE, WEH and manual WMM series are designed to change the direction or start and stop the flow of the working fluid in two or more external hydraulic lines, depending on the external control action.

The operation of electromagnetic control valves is based on the property of electromagnetic coils to retract the core when voltage is applied. In the absence of control action, the spool inside the valve under the action of the return spring is in the extreme left position. When voltage is applied to the coil through the plug connector, the anchor (core) is pulled into the coil and, through the pusher pressed into it, moves the spool to the extreme position. This changes the direction of fluid movement in the hydraulic system. Manually controlled spool valve moves under muscular force.

You can buy a hydraulic cylinder for both cash and bank transfer. You can receive the price, terms of production and other additional information from our managers.

  • Hydraulic plates WE

Designed for the parallel arrangement of two or more directional valves. The monoblock design provides the ease of creating hydraulic systems without the use of pipes and fittings, thereby reducing overall dimensions to a minimum. Mounting plates are made of aluminum.

  • Safety, pressure reducing, butterfly valves, check valves

Designed to maintain a constant pressure in hydraulic systems and protect it from pressure overloads, regulate the amount of fluid supplied and separate flows from one source to several with different pressures.

  • Hydraulic locks

Designed to lock under pressure parts of the hydraulic system, prevent spontaneous lowering of loads, prevent the release of hydraulic clamping devices.

  • Hydraulic pumps and accessories

Designed to convert the mechanical energy of rotation of the drive shaft into the hydraulic energy of the flow of the working fluid.

  • Hydraulic stations (oil stations)

In a pump installation, electrical energy is converted into pressure energy of the working fluid. The moving parts of the pump are rotationally driven by an electric motor, as a result of which the volume of the working chamber changes, the liquid is forced out of the suction cavity into the discharge cavity, which is connected to the pressure line. After the pump, indicator devices, for example, a manometer, are installed. The safety valve provides a constant pressure of a certain value after the pump, to protect it from overload and failure.The directional control valve is used to switch fluid flows and refers to the controls. Accumulators are installed for energy storage. Filtration of the working fluid is carried out using a suction filter, inlet filter. According to the application of the station, one can distinguish between industrial and mobile hydroelectric stations, hydrostations for mobile equipment.


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