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Home » Pnevmolux Products » Aspiration plants » Mobile suction units » MAU-JZ (D) Suction Unit Series

Suction Unit Series MAU-JZ (D)

The MAU-JZ (D) suction unit series is basically the same as the MAU-JZ. The main difference is the connection of an air compressor. The MAU-JZ (D) can be automatically controlled by a pulse valve, while the JZ backwash is a manual type. Compared to the JZ series, the JZ (D) is suitable for heavy smoke workshops. MAU-JZ is a mobile dust collecting machine for cleaning smoke and dust during welding, polishing, cutting and other processes, as well as for recycling rare metals and precious materials. JZ is suitable for electric arc welding, welding with Co2, MAG, etc.
Adding an “S” to the marking indicates that. that the model is equipped with two exhaust sleeves.

A series of aspiration plants MAU-JZ (D). Impulse valves are acquired with these suction units.

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