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Возможна онлайн оплата и бесконтактная доставка!

Aspiration plants

Pneumolux suction units are divided into two types:

Modular Suction Systems - Stationary

Monoblock suction systems - mobile units.

The suction units we have presented are designed for air filtration and can be used in various industries, such as metalworking, steel, woodworking, cement, painting, food, and actually any enterprise that produces emissions - dust, aerosols, gases and air mixtures.

Exhaust plants are equipped with pulse type cleaning, which allows the automatic filter cleaning function to be implemented. At regular intervals, the pulse controller sends a signal to supply compressed air to the filter elements, so that dust and dirt are showered in a special container, leaving the filter as clean as possible.

From the personal experience of our company when choosing an aspiration unit, we encountered a number of problems:

In Russia, there are few enterprises that could manufacture the unit at a reasonable cost, within a reasonable time and use exactly those components (fan, filter) that would be most suitable for the direct customer. As a result, you are offered one of those components that the manufacturer specifically has, and this immediately affects the cost.

What we offer:

Receiving the necessary task (technical task) from the customer, what exactly is filtered, to what extent, what distances, or the installation directly selected on our website. We agree on the cost and terms, then we deliver (depending on the complexity of the installation) several assembled modules that are easily connected to electricity and ready to work.

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