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ATU Series Side Actuator Rod Actuators

Side Actuator Rod Actuators

These actuators have a more compact size due to the fact that the motor itself is located on the side of the actuator. The movable element in these drives is the stem itself - a hollow sleeve which is usually round in shape, but there are also complex sections. The progressive movement of the rod is achieved due to the helical pair of sliding. The screw-hook is rigidly fixed to the hollow stem sleeve, and the screw itself is connected to the shaft of the electric motor through the coupling and gearbox. Most often, a brushless DC motor with a supply voltage of 12/24 V is installed on the drives, since this is a small voltage that does not require additional safety features, but it is also possible to install asynchronous AC motors of 220-380 V.

Different accessories are purchased with this product.

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