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Actuator Accessories

Accessories for actuators and electric cylinders
Actuator control panel.

We have presented various options for control panels. The control panels can be divided into two groups: Wired and Wireless, To control 1.2 Actuators of synchronous operation and not synchronous, Remote controls with positioning of the actuator stem stroke, and a simple remote control for t 1 to 4 linear actuators.

Electric cylinder control controller.

The controllers supplied by us are divided into three groups: 1) A series operating from a power source. 2) Series with integrated transformer. 3) Backup version (rechargeable battery). Further, each group is divided into controllers: for working with one actuator, with two actuators with synchronous operation, controllers for controlling two actuators separately, and a controller for controlling three drives.

Actuator power supply.

Power supplies for our actuators vary in power and output voltage.

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