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Pnevmolux Products

Pnevmolux products are manufactured and supplied by our company for many years. The priority is the production of industrial pneumatic and hydraulic equipment. But we always strive to occupy a leading position, for this, step by step, we expand the range of manufactured components and their components, so we are able to offer turnkey accessories for your company.

Pnevmolux products include the following sections:
Pneumatic equipment
The use of pneumatic equipment in production is one of the most useful and rational achievements today, to automate their lines, manufacturers are increasingly using pneumatic cylinders.

It is applied in the most various industries. such as the manufacture of furniture products, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, the chemical and oil industries, and also, due to its environmental friendliness, in the food sector.

The main advantages of using pneumatic equipment in many areas of production are related to the properties of gas (air), namely: low density, compressibility, availability, low cost, environmental friendliness, fire and explosion safety, chemical and radiation resistance. They are easy to install and install, therefore they have high reliability, speed and power density. Pneumatic equipment is designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures, with high aggressiveness and pollution, withstands strong shock and vibration loads.

Hydraulic equipment
Our company has been manufacturing hydraulic industrial equipment for more than 15 years, during which it constantly upgrades its technical component. We regularly expand our assortment, thanks to this and our highly qualified engineers who are ready to design the hydraulic system you need, taking into account all the nuances, we have the opportunity to produce equipment that is ready to perform its functions.

Such equipment as hydraulic stations and hydraulic cylinders, equipped with the necessary valves and distributors, is capable of delivering more effort and power with small sizes of actuators, which greatly simplifies the layout and placement of the hydraulic system at the enterprise. Also of the advantages, it is worth noting the high response speed (acceleration and braking).

Pipes and rods
This section presents aluminum, steel pipes and chrome plated rods used for the production of various products, for example, hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic cylinders, as well as such products as jacks and other engineering components. We process and supply pipes and rods according to customer specifications, as soon as possible.

Linear actuators and electric cylinders
This device allows you to make linear movement with a certain speed, effort and accuracy. With the help of electric cylinders and actuators, the problem with the compressor or hydraulic station is no longer relevant, there is no oil - there is no dirt!

Linear actuators consist of an electric motor and a mechanism for transmitting rotation of the motor shaft to rotate a screw pair, then using a telescopic rod device, the rod itself makes translational motion.

The electric cylinder is a fast and powerful rod drive. At its core, the principle of its operation is the same as that of a conventional linear actuator, but it is designed for higher loads and cases where an exact positioned linear movement is required.
The reinforced structure and powerful mechanical transmission provide the drive with a large carrying capacity.

Industrial components
These Pnevmolux products include various industrial components needed in many areas of production. Such as antistatic equipment (rails, pistols) that can neutralize static charge on surfaces, hydraulic speed controllers used as a shock absorber (buffer) in production automation systems and much more.

Machine tooling
No enterprise can do without specialized industrial equipment and machines, which in turn cannot do without components and equipment that facilitate their proper functioning and practically fit them into the general production system. We have gained extensive experience in using these funds, as we ourselves are a manufacturing company, and we have something to offer the market. You will find exactly such products in this section.

Vibration mounts, allowing to suppress excess vibration between the supporting surface and the actuator, requiring a solid stationary location.

A machine profile designed for assembling engineering structures for various purposes, for example, carcasses for machine tools or conveyor systems.

Aspiration plants
The suction units we have presented are presented in two versions - modular suction systems (stationary) and monoblock suction systems (mobile).

They are designed to filter air and

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the characteristics, appearance, packaging of goods and the place of its production.

We draw your attention to the fact that this Internet site is for informational purposes only and under no circumstances is a public offer defined by the provisions of Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
For detailed information on the cost of equipment and spare parts, please contact the specialists of our company "Contacts".

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